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CNC Turning machining (166)

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Xiejin is a skilled precision COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL turning services supplier, manufacturer, aliéner in China, continues to be focused in offering best OEM COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL lathe services for superior quality level low priced CNC turning parts, CNC lathe parts or superior machined parts with the technique connected with an extraordinary array of mention- of- the a significant art turning machines, such while washers, bolts, shafts, rivets, tooth spacers, sleeves, nipples, steel fittings, water line fittings, light fittings, wheel buttons, etc.

Our advanced CNC resorting center routinely harmonizes with a huge selection of materials, ranging via copper, brass, stainless, as well as carbon steel, aluminum, and titanium. All of us can always pick a suited precision turning process to attain the requirements you might have. Our custom CNC engineering services ensure that all of our customers get the high quality COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL turned parts. Send this question or drawing fast for an internet CNC quote.

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Computer numerical controlTurning Tolerance at Xiejin

We now have multiple CNC making abilities and will meet some wide array of needs.

a particular. Size

Threaded Holes

UNC& UNF threads from# 2 near to 0. 5 in.

Metric posts M1. 2 and above.


turned outside corners will ordinarily incorporate a 0. 005 for. chamfer.

Minimum hole size:

Smallest amount on- axis and essentiel: 0. 04 in.( 1 mm)

Smallest amount radial: 0. 08 in.( 0. 5 mm), 0. 04 in( 0. 5 mm) for aluminum and aides


Minimum OD groove breadth: 0. 047 in.( 1. 2 mm)

Minimum OD groove width regarding aluminum and brass: 0. 019 in( 0. 5 mm)

Maximum Z groove depth: 0. 95 for.( 24. 1 mm)— varies which includes groove breadth


+/- 0. 025 mm

+/- 0. 001 inches tall

Openingdiameter( not reamed)

+/- 0. 025 mm

+/- 0. 001 inches tall

The whole lengthdimension

+/ a substantial 0. 025 mm

+/ a substantial 0. 001 inches

PortionAspect limit

950* 550* 480 mm

37. 0* 21. 5* 18. 5 various inches

2. CNC Machining Criteria

Cnc-Machining Standards( DIN Iso 2768- 1( 1991 a substantial 06)

Thresholdclass tolerance( mm)

Steel( ISO 2768- F) Plastic( ISO 2768- F)

0. 5 to three Above 3 to six More than a few to 30 Over 30 to 120 Over 120 to 500 Over 400 to 1000 Over 1000 to 2000 0. your five to three Over 3 to six Over 6 to 31 Over 30 to 120 Above 120 to 400 Over 500 to 1000 Over 1000 to 2150

F ±0. 05 ±0. 05 ±0. 1 ±0. 12- 15 ±0. 2 ±0. 3 ±0. 5 ±0. 05 ±0. 05 ±0. 1 ±0. 15 ±0. 2 ±0. 3 ±0. your five

2. 1 General Tolerances Related to Shape And Position

Commontolerances for form and position( DIN ISO 2768- 2( 1991- 04)

Patienceclass ceiling( mm)

Straightness and Flatness Verticalness Balance

1210 to 31 30 to 100 100 to 3 hundred 300 to great number of 1000 to 3000 to 90 100 to 300 300 to 1000 1000 to 3000 to 100 100 to 300 250 to large number of 1000 to three thousands

H ±0. 02 ±0. 05 ±0. 1 ±0. 2 ±0. 3 ±0. 4 ±0. a few ±0. 3 ±0. 4 ±0. 5 ±0. 5

Cnc-Spinning Materials at Xiejin– Elements Employed for CNC Turning Companies

CNC turning service can come to be used on a broad range of materials, including metal, vinyl, and wood. Different lathes are in reality required for turning metal and wood. In line with the styles of machined part materials, selected maintenance and safety measures may well be necessary for the lathe. Here are a few common elements for CNC turning manufacturers the following. If the fabric you essential isn't indexed by the table, please call us.

DetailsAvailable Types& Grades



Light weight aluminum5052

Lightaluminum 5083

Light weight aluminum6063


Light weight aluminum6082

Light weight aluminum7050

Light-weightaluminum 7075

Metal/ Bronze



C932 M07 Bearing Dureté


Copper mineralC110

Water pipinginformation


BlendSteel 4130

MixtureSteel 4140

SlightSteel 1018

ModerateSteel A36


Metal 17- five

Stainless 18- almost 8

Metal 303

MetalMetallic 304/304L

Metal 316/316L

Stainless Steel 416



TiGrade only two

TiClass 5


Ab muscles









Cnc-Turning Surface Completes at Xiejin– Surface Ending Process for Turned Parts

Here is many choices from metal surface finishing services by your option for that reinforced CNC turning parts to raise the part appearance, surface smoothness, corrosion resistance, along with other attributes.

Becausemachined Description

As reinforced Standard finish using a exterior roughness of just one single. a couple of μm( 126 μin).

Smoothing The typical smoothing surface roughness( Ra) is 0. 8 μm( 63 μin).

Painting Spraying paint, color, or color to an excellent surface as a coloured defensive layer.

Passivation Remove ferrous pollution or utilize some light coat of protective information to make a shell.

Powder snow Coating An affordable and beautiful finish that's applied while a totally free- flowing, dried powder.

Anodizing Type II( anodizing color or clear) or Type III( anodizing hard coat)

Perfecting Make a smooth and bright surface.

Black Oxide Forming some black conversion coating on material parts.

Bead Blasting Removing covering deposits by making use of fine goblet beads at a top tension.

Abrasive Blasting/ Sandblasting Smoothing and domestic cleaning a tough surface by pushing solid particles across that exterior.

Electroplating/ Plating Form a skinny logical metal coating with an electrode.

Brushing Polishing the metal with grit producing a unidirectional satin finish.

Chromate Conversion Finish Boost the corrosion resistance when maintaining conductive properties.

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    CNC Turning machining (166)
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