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sheet metal parts (9)

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Our major Sheet Metals are designed by Cold Rolling and Spheroidizing Annealing so they have more advantages than typical commercial supplied ones. We can easily also provide excellent Special Steels that are compatible with precision punch refinement.

Common Steel SS SS Freezing Rolling Steel needs only to fulfill minimum pulling strength standard on JIS( Japanese Industrial Standards), however we use the chemically- certified SS Steel to process accordingly.

SPEC SPEC Freezing Rolling Mild Steel Sheet as their ingredients( P, S) and technical property are certified by ANAS. Itcan possibly be provided as SPHD or SPHE due to it is high quality.

SPCC SPCC Freezing Rolling Steel Sheet whose technical property, Erichsen test value, bendability, toughness( depending on thermal sophistication classification) etc. are certified by JIS. We can process Material Sheets of any thickness, especially very thick Steel Sheets which major steelmakers hardly treat.

WEATHERPROOF SAE is the organization standard certified by SAE( Society of Automotive Engineers) in US, and now we can process and supply SAEJ403 Carbon Steel.

Special Steel Strength Steel S- C S i9000- C is just a information largely employed for machines, autos, etc, with JIS standards of S10C- ES58C( carbon content within 0. 08~0. 61%). We all can can provide this S- C material added boron to increase hardenability as well as workability.

Structural Alloy Steel SCr Scr is also called Stainless Steel, contains 0. 90- 1. 20% of Cr so that it has higher hardenability than S- C made up of the same amount of Crystal reports.

SCM Chrome Molybdenum Steel which contains Cr0. 90- one particular. 20% and Mo0. 15- 0. 30% to have higher hardenability than SCr.

Tool Material SK SK, called as And also carbon Tool Steel, is a information containing more carbon than S i9000- C and used for tools, molds and machine parts. We mainly provide SK5 Instrument Steel.

SKS SKS is Combination Tool Steel of adding stainless to SK. You can use it rather than Steel Bed linens whose board thickness hardly gets used to to quenching.

Special Alloy Material SUP Commonly called Spring Terme conseillé. We can easily mainly provide Silicon- Manganese Steel and Chrome- Vanadium- steel material with customers.

SUS TUS Steel, we can offer medium thick and thick steel china which major steelmakers usually do not . SUS304, 316, 430, 403 are available.

Nonferrous Metal Coming Process for Titanium, Nickel, Inconel, Copper and Aluminum can find our well- established skills.

Magnetic Steel SUY A information used for Relay electromagnet, Permanent magnetic clutch, Brake, Power generator, Magnetic cores of motors and others.

LSS A materials for Relay electromagnet, Armature and Magnetic Face shield.


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    sheet metal parts (9)
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