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sheet metal parts (13)

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SteelBed sheet

Stainlesss steelBed sheet

SteelSheet Steel Sheet Stainlesss steel Sheet Steel Sheet Steel Bed sheet

C1008/1010 HR Steel Sheet supports( ASTM A1011, A569) Hot Thrown Steel Sheets will be the most inexpensive steel sheets designed for a extensive variety of applications. HR Stainlesss steel Sheets are weld, form and drill, and has a bit of a grainy surface. Popular uses to get HR Steel Sheet include: automobile panels, tool boxes, hoppers, drop pans, fuel tanks, trailer exterior& roofing, etc. Magnetic, Brinell= 95, Tensile= 42 tommers sk?rm, 000, Yield= 38, 1000(+/-)

C1008/1010 CRS Steel Sheet-( ASTM A366) Cold Rolled Steel Sheets are in fact rolled to a detailed density tolerance and have your fine, smooth surface providing your excellent base for painting. CRS Steel Sheets are weld, contact page form, drill. Popular functions for CRS Stainlesss steel Sheet include: automotive panels, application boxes, hoppers, drip pans, energy tanks, trailer siding& roof, etc. Magnetic, Brinell= ninety- seven, Tensile= 50, 000, Give= 35, 000(+/-)

G90 Galvanized Steel Bed sheet-( ASTM A527/ A653) Galvanized Stainlesss steel Sheets are meant for usewhere greater corrosion protection is essential without painting. Galvanized Steel Bedding are weld, form, and routine. Using a normal protection life span of two decades, Galvanized Steel Bedding are very well suited to an array of outdoor applications, or to have decorative interior planning. Magnetic, Brinell= 95, Tensile= 42 tommers sk?rm, 000, Yield= 38, 1000(+/-)

Available Inventory Sizes: 1 ft x 1 ft, 1 ft x 2 ft, 1 ft x 4 ft, 2 ft x 2 ft, 2 ft times 4 ft, 4 ft x 4 ft, 4 ft x 8 ft, 4 ft x 10 ft, 5 ft x 10 ft or Minimize to Size

Ordering Note: Inventory sizes can vary+/- 1/8 "and Cut to Size Tolerance is+/- 1/16". Actual material density can vary greatly as standard generator tolerances apply. Color and Structure of fabric differs from work to mill and can not turn out to be guaranteed.


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  • Subject :

    sheet metal parts (13)
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