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sheet metal parts (18)

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Piece metal material selection is key to sheet metal design and functionality. With life experience in processing sheet metal parts in Chinese suppliers, Komaspec can suggest locally and internationally available materials to find the best combination of functional and cost functionality.

Here are a few of the most frequent sheet steel factors we stock and use regarding our customers over a usual basis, plus the physical and functional properties. Sheet metal refinement is an extensive concept the fact covers a wide array from machining functions put on material sheets. It will always be done on part various companies, that have then incorporate the processed piece material within their own formation lines.

Samples of sheet material processing:


Autogenous cutting( fire cutting)






Advantagerounding/ deburring/ silking

Edging pieces/ bending







( Smooth) rolling generators



Drinking waterCutting

247TailorSteel specialty: online sheet metal doing any exercising

Companies that execute each one of these functions from the piece metal processing industry. These incorporate companies that provide you some wide selection of operations, every one of the under one roof. Other corporations pay attention to a specific operation. Regarding example, we at 247TailorSteel focus on the 2D laser reducing of metal sheet material, although also in edging and fringe rounding.

Laser beamCUTTING



Without headaches metal piece processing with XIEJIN?

247TailorSteel started out laser cutting in 2007. The next process is handled completely through XIEJIN?: Sophisticated Intelligent Analyser. As 2017, we now have also digitised the bending process inside the comparable way, which helps to ensure that 247TailorSteel has the ability to offer an unparalleled procedure for laser cutting, edging and edge rounding.

Download XIEJIN? computer programs

Sheet metal processing by XIEJIN?

39 TRUMPF laser cutting models are for your use related to laser cutting steel, metal alloy or aluminium. You can also take pleasure in the laser- cut piece material edged by our press brakes, all within the comparable order. Why is us exceptional is why these machines can be found 24/7 and so are powered through the intelligence of XIEJIN? all over the whole production process. Our online assistant XIEJIN? is your link going to be in your way on the path to routines machinery: the plug- and- play extension from the own production line.

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Save costs and time with XIEJIN?

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    sheet metal parts (18)
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