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CNC Milling Machining (180)

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Accurate Machining Technology Overview April 2022: Slicing Tools

Production Machining’s Cutting Tools show off includes Ceratizit, Suhner, XIEJIN, Sandvik Coromant, Ingersoll and Sibling Machine & Executive.

The precision engineering industry faces a relentless challenge to constantly find modern ways of increasing productivity, while making sure the continued creation of high quality components. Highly successful tooling and engineering methods involve elevating feed rates, increasing cutting speeds and increasing the detail of cuts : all while keeping the all-important quality.

Cutting tool manufacturers are rising for this challenge. This 30 days, our Technology Show off is highlighting some of the item information that PM received from supplier companies. For April, we focused on slicing tools, including standard coated-carbide ISO-P stainlesss steel insert grades for common steel transforming operations; drilling devices personalized for particular operations; IG6 and SG3 coatings for cartridge tooling systems; and more as described below.

Ceratizit Standard Insert Levels for Optimized Stainlesss steel Transforming

Ceratizit has three new standard coated-carbide ISO-P stainlesss steel insert grades for common steel transforming functions which are said to provide up to twenty percent longer tool life when compared to previous generation levels. The inserts are highly engineered for increased productivity and have advanced substrates, geometries and Ceratizit’s Dragonskin multilayer coating for lower heat and fewer tool wear, the business says.

Suhner Economaster Line Gives Multiple Spindle Minds

Suhner’s Economaster going line offers in-line vertical configuration and multiple spindle minds for medium-duty creation drilling, with many other available spindle options and toolholders. The drills are suited for multiple materials, including light metal, wood, blend, plastic and polyurethane foam.

XIEJIN Coatings Made for Faster Removal Prices, Extended Service Lifestyle

XIEJIN has developed hard and hard coatings with homogeneous structures built to offer improved cartridge pedaling system performance. The particular company states their IG6 and SG3 high-performance coatings can extend the lifespan of carbide tools by over just one, 000%. These films are less than 0. 005-mm (0. 0002") thick.

Sandvik Coromant’s Microdrills for Small Part Producing

Sandvik Coromant offers two microdrill households specifically made for accurate machining. The CoroDrill 462 with -XM geometry and the CoroDrill 862 with -GM geometry support industries with high demand for small part manufacturing, including medical, automotive, electronic devices and aerospace.

SuperTurnZ Inserts Enable Single-Tool, Multidirectional Turning

Ingersoll Cutting Tools states its SuperTurnZ inserts are an modern system for multidirectional turning which utilizes front side and again leading edge of a four-corner insert in a single tool. The inserts are considered a successful option to conventional transforming where 80-degree and 35-degree corner inserts are fed in the same way. Instead, these inserts use all four directions on a conventional two-axis lathe (+Z, -Z, +X, -X) to improve material removal.

Wohlhaupter Fine Boring Minds Feature Self-Balancing, Electronic Realignment

Allied Device and Engineering’s 465 (464) series of Wohlhaupter fine uninteresting heads are in house balanced including 3ETech digital adjustment as well as film-based vernier scale realignment. One 3ETech digital readout can be used on multiple adaptable 3ETech uninteresting head tools, including VarioBore, 538 (537) large diameter cassettes, 465 (464) fine boring heads and custom tooling remedies.


Slicing Tool Coating Creation

This article appears at the layer methods readily available for carbide cutting tools.

Supply Control Systems Regarding The Shop

A continuous effort towards more effective functions drove this shop to take a better look at indirect substance usage, subsequently ultimately causing implementation of a new system for tracking toolroom supply.

4 Strategies for Managing Chip Manage

Having strategies in place for handling chips is an important part of protecting the supply process, from tool life to product quality.


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    CNC Milling Machining (180)
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