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CNC Milling Machining (181)

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Attach Machined Parts

The phrase “screw machine” generally refers to those machines that produce a high amount of turned elements via either COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL technology or cameras. Screw machined elements are generally small or medium-sized and containing handled proportions and tolerances. Attach machine products, also known as converted parts, typically are tight tolerance elements and are found in many hypersensitive and critical apps, such as:

Machine elements

Precision medical tools

Automotive tool

Electronics components

Clinical tools

Military elements


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Variation Between Mechanical & CNC Screw Engineering

Picking out whether to use a mechanical screw machine or a COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL screw machine may prove a difficult one, as both machine types have their advantages and disadvantages. For illustration, traditional screw machines are more expensive on the start for smaller works but will produce high volumes of product economically. In addition, they are much faster than their CNC-operated counterparts. COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL machines are slow but more inexpensive for short works and tighter tolerances can be organised.

The precision and tolerances reached by screw machining are hard to match. Rarely do elements created through other metal fabrication and forming processes technique the caliber of screw machine products. Screw machines are perhaps the best devices out there there for converted parts formation.

A lot of mechanical screw machines are being substituted to some magnitude by CNC (turning centers) and COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL screw machines. On the other hand, they are still common in functioning, and then for high-volume generation of turned components it is still often true that nothing is as cost-efficient as a mechanical screw machine.

Abbott Screw Equipment Capabilities

CNC- Switzerland Tsugami- 1 .5 diameter Their class, accuracy and accurate, metal-removal speed, tool-changing speed, degree of automation create steady superior parts.

Davenport multi spindle-. 5 spindle, 7/8" size capacity

Brown & Sharps- single spindle, 1-5/8" diameter capacity

Acme-Gridley’s – 2 5/8 diameter capacity

New Brittan- a single 5/8 diameter capacity

Products that XIEJIN can manufacture by way of our high-quality programmed attach machining services include, but are not restricted to:



Coil early spring spacers


Personalized and specialty nails



Personalized precision parts

Elements For Screw Made Elements

Stainless Metallic

Carbon Metallic

Combination Steel

Lightweight aluminum




Various other Plastics


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    CNC Milling Machining (181)
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