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CNC Milling Machining (186)

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engineering parts

The engineering of parts is the set of professional processes (cutting, marking, pressing, going, and so out ) carried out and about over a piece of raw material, generally metal, to offer it a desired condition and final size, filing the extra product in a manipulated manner.

Gear engineering work

At XIEJIN we are experts in the complete machining of cylindrical gears, ribbed shafts, splines, straight inside At SEGI we are experts in the complete engineering of cylindrical armor and weapon upgrades, ribbed shafts, splines, straight internal gear-cutting, helical internal gear-cutting, machining of multipliers, gearboxes, gearboxes and more. Below you will find our field of expertise in all the important we assist.

Engineering of pieces

Each of our machining services are adjusted with each of the groups that require it, having the capacity to do diverse works such as: manufacturing of gardening machinery, works for the automotive and elevation industry, train industry, renewable powers, and so out

For the conclusion of machining work we certainly have the latest generation machines with which we can achieve the top quality in your parts. These machines include: machining checking out machines, machining lathes, machining cutters, running machines, auxiliary engineering machines and engineering centers.


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    CNC Milling Machining (186)
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