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CNC Milling Machining (194)

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Accurate Machined Parts

Typically the XIEJIN is one of the leading precision machined elements contract manufacturers in the country. While a metal fabricator with more than four decades of experience, TFG UNITED STATES OF AMERICA offers expertise and reliable solutions for simple or intricate machined parts.

Precisely what Are Precision Made Metal Parts?

Accurate machined parts often require intricate features and require specific specifications. These elements may include posts, holes, grooves, or tapers that must offer an exact fit with other components.

Precision engineering is typically used to generate metal elements that want precision for the merchandise to performance properly. For illustration, the components that make up a vehicle engine require specific specifications for maximum performance.

There is less room for error, requiring machinists to make use of specialized equipment for a deeper tolerance. By making use of computer numerically manipulated machines (CNC machines), lathes, and presses, our team manufactures various intricate metal elements that require willing awareness of detail.

Typically the Precision Machining Method

The precision engineering process often starts off with a primary drawing, which is delivered using computer-aided design (CAD) software. Designers use CAD software such as AutoCAD to create a 3D diagram of a hand-drawn drawing.

Machinists will then enter the design into computer-aided developing (CAM) programs or CNC machines. Personal computers automate the treatment of material to generate precise parts.

Accurate machining processes enable greater accuracy. Each and every cut is completed by way of a machine that receives instructions from the pc software.

The machines can carry out specific cuts with minimal margins of problem. This results in increased repeatability. An individual can still produce thousands of the same parts with identical specifications and tolerances down to 0. 01-0. 05mm.

Purposes of Accurate CNC Machined Elements

Precision machining is a crucial part of the generation of components that you likely use every day. Typically the auto, electrical, gadgets, medical, and jetstream industries all count heavily on specifically machined parts to generate products that meet quality and basic safety standards.

Precision engineering can be used to design tools, parts, custom nails, and other essential hardware. These elements require a firmer tolerance to ensure an appropriate fit with other components.

Accurate machining is also useful as a method of maintaining consistency when mass-producing components. This specific is especially common when producing things like fittings. Accurate machined parts manufacturers ensure repeatable, regular results.

Precision engineering can even be used for finishing metal products. For example, you could use precision engineering to finish elements produced through expire casting or other less accurate architecture methods.

Restoration work is also a use for precision machining. Above time, worn elements may need welded, grooving, or tuned. Computer-aided equipment can help restore the parts to their pre loss condition.

Why Pick Cnc machined Elements for Your Job?

At The XIEJIN, our precision engineering services are available for a variety of applications, including secondary and polishing off work.

A number of the benefits associated with precision machining include:

Greater accuracy and reliability

Elevated repeatability

Increased efficiency

Reduced material spend

Time savings

Physically cutting or with a die-casting process often results in better variance in the final dimensions or surface of fake parts. Components might not exactly fit together properly, limiting the performance of the product.

Precision machining provides greater efficiency and less variance as opposed to other steel fabrication methods that involve more handbook input. Computer-aided machines operate faster than human-operated machines while producing fewer problems, saving time, and reducing material spend.

Commonly Used Accurate Machining Processes

Accurate machining is what is known as a subtractive process. We use particular software and equipment to remove stuff to create elements game your technical specs.

The device and tools used to machine precision parts are often found in association with CAD and CAM programs. Designers use these programs to create “digital blueprints” that then can be read by the accurate machining tools. This specific allows for various milling machines, lathes, and grinders to intricately remove the material with a greater standard of accuracy and reliability compared to human-operated machines.

Common operations and machines for precision machined components include:


Swiss machines


Milling machines

At TFG UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, we use three-axis, four-axis, and five-axis CNC milling machines. These machines are suffering from to produce complex forms and perform milling from any perspective.

With a lathe, the workpiece is rotated against a cutting tool. While with the milling machines, lathes obtain instructions from your computer program, producing elements with diameters from 0. 062 in . to 22 in ..

Swiss screw machines are also used for precision engineering processes. The original Swiss machines were designed to produce the intricate components needed for Switzerland watches. The workpiece secures to a sliding headstock and rotates around a spindle while a cutting tool limits the part to the desired technical specs.

Our Precision Made Parts Capabilities

With The XIEJIN, we have versatile engineering services to suit any project. The functions for custom precision machined elements enable high amount manufacturing and polishing off operations. Our state of the art facilities are prepared with the latest technologies and offer:

Centerless and cylindrical running

Feed running

CNC machining

Transforming centres


Multi-spindle lathes

Turret lathes


Induction and conventional heat managing

Thread rolling


Since 1980, TFG USA has sent high-quality precision engineering to customers in a variety of industries. We provides a custom offer based on your unique requirements. Our designers can also help determine the technical specs for your job.

Contact The XIEJIN for your offer on precision made parts.


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    CNC Milling Machining (194)
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