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What exactly is CNC Machining?

COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL (computer numerical controlled) machining is the popular manufacturing procedure that uses automatic, high-speed cutting equipment to create styles from metal or even plastic stock. Regular CNC machines consist of 3-axis, 4-axis, plus 5-axis milling devices, lathes, and routers. Machines can differ in how components are cut—the workpiece may remain within place while the particular tool moves, the particular tool may stay in place as the workpiece is rotated and balanced and moved, or even both the trimming tool and workpiece may move with each other.

Skilled machinists run CNC machines simply by programming tool pathways in line with the geometry associated with the final component. The part angles information is given by a CAD (computer-aided design) model. COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL machines can reduce nearly every metal metal and rigid plastic material with good accuracy and repeatability, producing CNC machined components suited to practically each industry, including aeronautical, medical, robotics, consumer electronics, and industrial. Xometry offers CNC engineering quotes on more than 40 materials which range from commodity aluminum plus acetal to sophisticated titanium and designed plastics like LOOK and Teflon.


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    Machine parts (7)
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