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Stamping parts (2)

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Material Stamping Parts

XIEJIN Steel Merchandise has specialized that manufactures material stamping elements of every size since 1946. We are able to produce chunks requiring as low as 100 a lot of force, or, with press capacities around 1, 700 tons, we could create massive parts around 72 "x 180". It is necessary large or small the metal rubber stamping parts you need are, XIEJIN will deliver them with exceptional precision and in turnaround times to meet your deadlines.

ExceptionalPrecision Metal Rubber stamping

Our in- house tool and die shop permits us to begin metal stamping parts when your design qualifies. We have the talents to robotically transfer parts from die to die in the stamping process, for fast, useful production.

We utilize developing dies and hand- raised online dies to create finely- detailed metal stamping parts. These talents are suffering from to offer exceptional precision and part- to- part repeatability. As a custom metal fabrication shop, we are able to manufacture practically any precision metal part you need.

CustomMetal Stamping

Our design and tech group will use you as had a need to refine your designs and produce a final product that may meet or even exceed your aims. XIEJIN uses advanced metal rubber stamping simulation software to evaluate in depth draw process and part feasibility, saving our customers time and money .

We supply a wide- ranging spectrum of sheet metal rubber stamping parts to customers in many different markets, including:



Lawn& garden

Commercialfood service

Industry manufacturers rely on XIEJIN to meet OEM criteria and provide quick turnaround on stamped metal parts to allow for seasonal demand for products.

MaterialMetal Stamping Parts& Considerably more

XIEJIN can produce metal rubber stamping parts and components from a range of materials and metals, including carbon steel, stainless material, aluminum, and others. We work in thicknesses up to 20 mm.

We specialize in in depth drawn metal stamping and can manufacture highly complex deep driven parts with tight tolerances and flawless repeatability. Headquartered near Wisconsin, XIEJIN Steel serves customers all over Wisconsin and nationwide.


We are available 24/7 via fax, email or telephone.

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    Stamping parts (2)
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