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Industrial sectors world wide use steel stamping to produce intricate elements to obtain machinery. Due to the fact the method is fairly affordable, many organisations choose that process to produce durable parts quickly.

The Federal Group United states of america offers metal stamping services to obtain many organisations across all industrial sectors. We are going to tak you through the meeting your steel stamping needs, which means you get the parts you will need if ever you need .


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Specifically what exactly is Metal Stamping?

Steel stamping works on the stamping press to condition flat sheet metal, too called stamping blanks. The application form and die surface use different processes to work the steel, in line with the parts you will need.

Our manufacturing process involves the next techniques based with regards to your specifications:









Spear like

Designing a stamping job uses CAD/ CAM technology in making specific, identical parts each time. It will require patience and focus on detail to be sure precision and the truth that all the last pieces suit together as intended.

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Sortsfrom Metal Stamping

Metal stamping jobs use various techniques to achieve the right shape, size, uniformity, and speed. Whilst every type has its advantages, all of them job several purposes and industrial sectors good parts they produce.


With modern stamping, we move strip steel by way of a progressive stamping press, where it passes from just one station to another . Each station performs a certain celebration, including punching, bending, and slicing the metal.

Often, progressive rubber stamping requires multiple machines, work involves complex parts. Progressive rubber stamping offers the characteristics of a simple turnaround and creating repeated, consistent pieces. It also offers the cheapest labor cost of each stamping type.


Fourslide rubber stamping uses four tools, with every one bending the metal in the required condition simultaneously. Fourslide stamping simplifies the creation from complex parts. While it generally does not create pieces with as much uniformity as progressive stamping, which makes changing or adjusting the style easier whenever a job requires many parts with distinct bends.


Deep painting is a method where most of us work with a punch to nourish a clear right into a kick the bucket. It is most effective for jobs where a person needs goods of various diameters, often within the automotive or aerospace industries. Thorough drawing uses fewer raw supplies than any other stamping processes. That also can be useful for constructing simpler pieces at substantial volume.

What's Metal Rubber stamping Best Useful for?

It is simple to find stamped metal in practically any industry. For those who have got stamped metal in almost most rooms of your house .

All of us use sheet metal stamping to generate products for industries the same as:





Appliances for the home


Health care



Some great benefits of Steel Rubber stamping

The metal rubber stamping process also is useful to have making small, detailed parts exactly like washers and clips. You can also discover stamped metal in the shape of embossed or engraved lettering pictures, including company designs.

Present in each one of the industries most of us serve, metal stamping manufactures your steady product to be able the fact each piece fits together easily. Whether our customers need tiny, simple pieces like clips to obtain hanging lamps or larger pots for batteries, our tool and die methods will produce the exact same pieces each and every time.

Stamping gives durability, precision, and versatility to have nearly every application. Industries similar to automotive need stronger gold and silver, like steel, to endure rigorous use. Meanwhile, gadgets and aerospace tend to use metals such as for instance copper, metal, and aluminum

In serving thus many areas, we use a fantastic variety of metals and gold and silver to meet up every one 's specifications. We have beenunderstand that you'll want precision as part of your field, and we have been here to make perfect metal rubber- stamped products for you personally .

CustomizedMetal Rubber stamping Services

Typically will vary desires, even inside the same sector. That 's why we provide customized metal stamping, regardless of needs.

I will continue to work to comprehend your business 's specifications produce a design and perish to give you the goods you need. We even offer services that exceed produce custom metal stamping, including:


Temperature- treating

At thesupports coating



Fishing reel- to- baitcasting reel

Mp3and reel


Take up a Metal Stamping Job At the moment

If you select The Federal Group Usa for metal fabrication services, you utilize a team from dedicated professionals who care with regards to your business. Our exceptional substandard quality control measures mean we keep the greatest standards. We can not declare the work finished right until you are satisfied.

We talk to through design to merchandise completion this implies you are feeling as self- confident within our products naturally we all do. Contact TFG USA at the moment to understand how we could fabricate the metal products you'll need on your organization.


We are available 24/7 via fax, email or telephone.

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    Stamping parts (3)
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