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Stamping parts (6)

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Through the metal stamping process, an item of metal is fed into a press which– utilizing some tool and die, and plenty of pressure– shapes the metal.

Another ancient metal building process, metal stamping traces it is roots to coin striking, which will was performed since 700 BCE. Then, lower amounts of gentle metals were situated in some die and struck with a hammer, forming a coin, nowadays, sheet metal is automatically raised onto a hydraulically or mechanically led press. Though the processing solutions have advanced greatly over virtually 3, 000 years, the main functionality of stamping has continued essentially the same.

DieAudition vs Metal Stamping

Metal rubber stamping and die casting are two extremely different metal forming operations. Die casting utilizes ingots in addition to billets, while stamping requires piece metal blanks or coils, material is heated past its reducing point out be die players, while stamping is practically normally a cold working process.

Both different processes have several pros and cons . Die audition is able to from generating parts with extremely sophisticated geometries. Metal stamping is extra economical if it is requested parts with simpler geometries. Stamping is capable of making very complex parts, but by a price: The more complex some part is, the harder parts the tool and die require– the more tool and expire parts there are, the more significant tooling costs become.

Metal rubber stamping can be executed on ferrous and low- ferrous materials alike, when die casting is generally controlled to only non- metallic materials. While careful design can certainly minimize it, stamping creates some big amount of scrap information– it can be reproced, though the material costs include the cost for material that is not directly used. Die casting builds a much lower volume from scrap and the scrap that could be produced is more easily recyclable, simply being turned to the holding pot and allowed to re- melt.


Both metal stamping and expire casting are efficient processes, which will one will better serve you is dependent upon your part and it is needs.

Contact XIEJIN today to discuss whether die casting can be the best option for the next project.


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    Stamping parts (6)
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