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investment casting (1)

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IncreasingPrecision Sending your line

In its core, the expenditure casting process is easy: make an auto dvd unit, form a mould, pour the metal. No more than common precision metal foundries, then you certainly hang on anywhere from 6 to almost 8 weeks or more towards the part. Just how we seem at it, that 's simply certainly not sufficient. That 's why we've ensured our facilities are the most advanced of these kind at any place on earth .

Using complex technology, we automate almost just about every step of the investment sending your line process, radically accelerating it further than any other manufacturer 's capabilities.

We all call this Continuous Flow, and with our revolutionary processes and advanced automation, it can receive you from design to delivering in 10 steps— often even underneath 10 days.



1 Advanced solidification analysis Simulates the audition process in advance, eliminating multiple trial offers and attaining top quality? the first time

2Tool design/ build Automated to produce patterns properly and give dimensionally constant patterns

severalInject and assemble patterns Drives semi- solid wax working with an automatic process developed found in- house for higher dimensional stability

5Shell build Working with robotics helps us shave extra than five days over layer- building process alone as opposed to traditional foundries

5 Pre a considerable heat oven The warm we all use to melt out the wax enhances the feed from liquid metal and the okay detail of the cast.

a few The pour Robotics- served pouring allows us to reach ultra- high temperatures, with spectrographic analysis in order to meet specs

sete Shell and part removal Some proprietary process removes castings, when shell removal is carried out with excessive- pressure water jets and a hot chemical bath

main Finishing Our blast cleaning procedure? done with abrasive grit as well as steel shot? grinds and closes the part to a soft surface finish

9 Value- added plating, painting, assembly, and engineering Treatments and services that every work in conjunction with our themes to make your part set for assembly

10Delivery Only- in- time and so you do not have to have excess inventory

So you receive all some great benefits of probably the most flexible and repeatable precision material processes ever, alongside delivery of the parts quicker than various other investment caster, all at a lower total charge.


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    investment casting (1)
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